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Quality policy

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Quality policy

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Quality policy:
Persist in innovation and continuous improvement;
Ensure quality and work rigorously;
Efficient service, honest and trustworthy;


Quality goal:
(1) The product qualification rate meets the requirements in the "Quality Rate Index for Various Products at One Time" (QG/ADK3015-2010);
(2) Customer satisfaction rate is over 88%;
(3) The quality cost is controlled within 7% of the total cost;


Environmental management policy:
Comply with environmental laws and regulations;
Prevent and mitigate environmental pollution from emissions and promote waste recycling;
Energy saving, waste reduction and waste reduction, reducing resource consumption;
Continuous improvement of management to ensure environmental protection
Environmental management objectives:
Energy saving and consumption reduction, achieving and maintaining the discharge of dust, noise, and solid waste, and ensuring that the annual reduction is guaranteed;